Are you a self-employed Individual? And wishing to settle in Canada? Then, Self-employment pathway will surely catch your eye, which will fulfil your dream of migrating to Canada. This program leads to direct and indefinite PR for the desirable candidates to, Canada. Self-employed means a person can be businessman, freelancer, sports man, artist, actor, IT professional, editor or writer etc.

What is a self-employed Visa Canada?

The self-employed program comes under the business immigration pathway of Canada. An applicant must be able to state his self-employment and should be able to define his intention to contribute in the economy, culture and social life of Canada. Unlike other business programs where people need to show their business’ net worth and have to invest in any of the Canada’s business, but under this program eligible candidate need not to show any funds, net worth and do not require investing in any business

Selection Criteria

Under the self-employed category, the applicant engaged in cultural activities, athletics at world class level or buying and dealing with a farm are considered. This visa is for applicants with a minimum 2 years of experience in the past five years before the date of applying.

Candidates are required to clean medical and language checks with all of the security checks. The candidates meet the factor based standards based on education, experience, age, English / French language skills, and adaptability. The applicant has to have a minimal 35 points on the way to migrate below the self-hired category. The experience might be relevant for any candidate if it is a minimum of 2 years for cultural activities or even athletics.

Eligibility: Employment, funds, and factors

There is numerous eligibility standards for this visa, candidates must:

Demonstrate at the least 2 years’ experience of self-employment in cultural activities or in athletics, and participation at a world-class level in cultural sports or athletics, or farm control experience

Possess enough budgets to assist their family upon their arrival

Possess the aim and capacity to establish a business so one can generate self-employment Make an enormous contribution to the cultural or athletic existence of Canada or buy and manipulate a farm in Canada

Earn enough points in the selection factors to satisfy the pass mark. The choice factors include factors awarded for:

  • Education
  • Talent in Canadian legit languages (English and French)
  • Work experience
  • Age
  • Adaptability elements (such as ability to retrain)